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Since the publication of Beyond Photography we’ve been amazed and encouraged by the interest we've received from people all over the world. Many have shared with us their own experiences and photos of paranormal phenomenon, and we would like to say, 'thank you', to all our readers for their interest and enthusiasm in Beyond Photography.

Our book seems to have caught the imaginations of people across all faiths and cultural boundaries, but as all of you walking the spiritual path know, it is often against opposition and popular belief. Still, it is well to remember that for those cocooned within a belief system, whether religious or scientific, it is often difficult to see or accept other perspectives.

That is - until something happens to change the way we view things and it doesn’t have to be anything exotic or extraordinary - it could be something as simple as the touch of another’s hand or words heard or read or seeing the sunrise or an unexpected coincidence – or even grief or loss! It is just as likely to be something small and ordinary which opens the human heart to a new realisation as it is to be some great life changing event or supernatural intervention.

Anything which illuminates the static universe of a closed mind is a message from Beyond.

As we've often been asked what we think about Angelic messengers: here's a couple of thoughts: Angels are often cited as Messengers from Beyond. The term ’Angel’ literally means ‘messenger’ and does not specifically mean the winged being as popularly depicted. In the context of the Bible from which the term Angel originates; an Angel can literally be anyone: a stranger, a spirit, an alien, even an animal: any being delivering a spiritual message is an Angel. There are many ‘Angels’ and they come in many guises. We encounter them all the days of our lives; though often we do not recognise them for who they are, but such messengers may make fundamental differences to our life and future.

Below are a few thoughts and messages which we hope may be interesting or illuminating:

1. One:
There is only One.
And the One is the Many. Formless and formed, Spirit and matter, Light and Dark, You and Me. In each is the All - and All are the One.
Beyond Photography. page: 230

2. The Circle of Love:
The Orbs and Luminosities we've photographed have highlighted to us the symbolism of the circle. Here is another meaning for that ancient symbol we can perhaps each relate to the circle of our own lives:

He drew a circle that shut me out; heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win - we drew a circle that took him in.

Even whilst recognising a persons flaws and failings compassion draws them into the circle of love. Here we can care for them and cope with them but not be hurt by them because we are always cushioned by love. Inside this circle they can be as horrid as they like but it all bounces against the walls of the love circle, not against us. Frances Elizabeth. 2006

3. The World Pool.
Our world is but one small blue pool of life in the vast ocean of existence.

4. Anyone Who is a Slave to Anything is Not Free.
This would seem to be as self evident as the fact that anyone who is chained to a tree, would be unable to guide you out of a forest. For those genuinely seeking spiritual guidance this is particularly worth bearing in mind. There are many “spiritual guides” who make all kinds of extravagant claims to know the way we should follow, but if you turn down the volume and look at what they do, instead of listening to what they say; you may then see a different kind of truth.

5. Questions, questions?
Do not fear to question the motives of any who claim to be higher beings; a few pertinent questions are:
Are they egotistical or thoughtless of others? Are they addicted to habits which damage their minds and bodies or detrimentally affect the health of those around them? Are they loud and aggressive? Are they greedy for wealth at the expense of those who are poor? Are they insensitive or unsympathetic to the weak and needy? Are they lacking in love and compassion? Do they say one thing but do another?
If the answer is yes to any of the above – do not listen to these guides, they are not free. They are chained by the Self. Anyone who is chained is not free.

6. Way Finding.
It could be said that in this existence we are all wanderers through a forest with many paths, all looking for the right one. The best prerequisite for finding the way out is to recognise that one is lost in the first place. Find reliable reference points - use your own initiative and experience - do not rely on the experience of others. Follow only that which you know from personal experience to be true. Don't be guided by anyone who tries to sell you the way out.

7. Be Yourself. Be Selfless.
Most spiritual problems come from the misconceived Self and from the misconceptions it surrounds itself with in order to feed the ego. However, spiritually, it is not the things which happen to us materially that are all important but how we respond to those events. How we act in any given circumstance is a measure of who we really are.
We may feel that we have all the time in the world but life is actually much shorter than it seems. In the context of cosmic time scales the whole of human history amounts to merely a fraction of a second. What is important for all of us as individuated personalities is that this life is a very brief life and no matter whether we are rich or poor the only thing we take with us when we leave here is who we are. How we live here now determines what we will become.

8. The Pointing Finger.
Belief is like a finger pointing at the Moon - but even a child knows that the finger is not the Moon itself. Most belief systems have been built on the experience and wisdom of enlightened souls who pointed towards Truth. But - as time passed original insights have become more and more overlaid with increasingly elaborate constructs built by those who came after. Consequently, wars, injustice and diabolical deeds have been perpetrated on the human race in the name of nothing more than a finger pointing at the Moon.

9. The Deep End.
A Bishop once said that religion is like a swimming pool, all the noise is at the shallow end. This applies equally to most beliefs. Many infatuated with the hyped up cults and fads so enthusiastically followed by many celebrities today would perhaps do well to bear in mind the swimming pool analogy. In the world of the paranormal it is also all too easy, as we excitedly splash about on the sea shore, to lose sight of the vast spiritual ocean right in front of us. Only in the Deep, in the depths of the Spirit, is there true peace and awareness of the eternity of which we are all a part. Alice Lloyd 2006

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COPYRIGHT: All Text and quotations used here is copyright of John Pickering & Katie Hall, or of those named.

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A New Concept Album created & produced by Michael Byard, inspired by Katie & John's book: Beyond Photography.

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LUMINESCENCE: Samples of Music:

Track 2: The Secret Garden.

Track 7: Fireballs & Plasma.

Track 19: Infinity & Beyond.

There are 20 inspiring tracks on this CD including the Luminescence Suite.

All music is copyright of the originators & musicians as cited on the Luminescence CD & album.

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