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By Katie Hall & John Pickering
Published by O BOOKS www.o-books.net
One afternoon, Katie and John accidentally photographed a strange ball of light, it was the first link in a chain of events which led them on an incredible four year journey into the unknown. Mysterious orbs and spheres now began to appear on photographs they took in and around their home..

They searched for all the likely natural explanations, but nothing seemed to account for the images, or for the uncanny synchronistic events which accompanied them. They couldn’t find an explanation; nor could the professional photographers. Orbs had been photographed all over the world – no one knew why. The difference for John and Katie, was that the phenomena was evolving into something else. Something that was to become intensely personal.

They soon found themselves at the centre of an unfolding; multilevelled phenomena, which was now not only photographable but actually visible! As well as mysterious lights flying through the grounds of their home, the authors began to encounter ethereal, angelic-like apparitions that became increasingly interactive. The existence of these “Light-Forms” posed fundamental questions, which opened a doorway onto a wider Reality.

After four years the authors' experiences and research reveals a startling new perspective which has a bearing on all supernatural phenomena, perhaps on the very nature of Reality itself!

Documented by over 70 astounding photographs, Beyond Photography is the fullest account in the world of one couples' experience of the paranormal.

This phenomenally challenging and ground-breaking book has been read & well recommended by people all over the world - including: FATE & FORTUNE Magazine.The BOOKSELLER Magazine. THE CYGNUS REVIEW. NEXUS Magazine. MY SPIRIT RADIO. GLASTONBURY RADIO.

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Paperback Original; 272pp
ISBN 1 905047 90 8

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I have known John for many years now and been with him on many orb photo shoots. I can testify that these incredible images are genuine and authentically captured. Whether this is new phenomena or something that has always been with us and which we are now able to see via the digital technology, I cannot say, but through my own experience, which is confirmed by the work of John and Katie, I do know there seems to be a consciousness present with these orbs which appears to react and interact with us. The powerful images in this book will, I am sure, help us to open our minds to other realities and other possibilities.
Mike Oram. Award-winning landscape photographer.

This is a remarkable story of two people who found themselves drawn into the world of the paranormal by a series of life changing events. They were to witness glowing orbs of light, flying entities and shadowy figures that appeared to show a friendly interaction with them.
This amazing story is backed up by many photographs taken at the time and opens up a whole new Pandora's box of questions as to the nature of our reality.
Written by two frank and honest people, this book is a must for all those interested in the paranormal and for those who have pondered the age old question, 'Are we alone?'
Tony Dodd. Leading UFO investigator and author.
The authors invite you to join them on a fascinating quest; a voyage of discovery into the nature of a phenomenon, manifestations of which are shown as being historical and global as well as contemporary and intently personal.
En route they check their own extraordinary encounters against the findings, thoughts and beliefs of scientists, writers, philosophers and spiritual thinkers along with the everyday testimonies of other curious and questioning individuals across several centuries.
At journey’s end you may find yourself a believer, a doubter or simply an intrigued wonderer… Whatever the outcome, the process of journeying is likely prove provocative and stimulating and - as with the mysterious images fleetingly captured by the authors’ cameras - inspiring and potentially enlightening.
Brian Sibley. Writer and Broadcaster.
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Here are just two of the first reviews from Nexus magazine and The Cygnus Review. Prior to this Beyond Photography was featured as a three page spread in Take a Break's Fate & Fortune magazine. Since then Katie and John have appeared at conferences and on both UK and international radio.

BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY - Another Reality Revealed!