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Our Book, Beyond Photography, takes you on a journey beyond photography; though at first it was photos of Orbs which attracted our attention. But the familiar Orbs soon evolved into something else; something unexpected, but not, as we later discovered, totally unknown. All the Luminosities we, and others, have seen and photographed have appeared within the small section of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum.

In this short overview of the Luminosity Phenomenon, we shall begin with Orbs:
For those not familiar with the term, it is worth mentioning here that, ‘Orbs’, like ball lightening and earth lights, fall into the rather controversial area of anomalous light phenomena, all of which we have examined in our book, Beyond Photography. For a few years now, people all over the world have been photographing strange spheres, disks and balls of light, commonly known as ‘Orbs.’ These have been photographed with all types of cameras, but they occur most frequently on digital images. For those who consider these, and other types of related photographic anomalies to be evidences of paranormal phenomena, they are usually categorised as either: Orbs. Vapours. Vortices or Apparitions. In that context there are various beliefs concerning the Orbs phenomenon. We have tried to look fairly at most of these in our book, though our own conclusions are probably likely to prove quite different to both believers and sceptics alike.

Throughout human history there have always been tales of unearthly events; of shining spheres in the sky; strange luminosities and celestial visitations.
Most of the world’s major religions are founded on, what today, we would call paranormal phenomena. In spite of our hi-tech, scientific civilisation, the fact is that, all over the world, millions of people still hold a cosmological view which has more in common with the paranormal than it does with orthodox science!
In most of the myths and revelations that have inspired the beliefs of billions throughout history, we find, in every country very similar tales and myths of Glowing Spheres, Luminosities and Beings of Light.
As we researched our own light phenomena, we discovered that what we were seeing and photographing in the 21st Century, was part of something that had been existing alongside humans for a very long time. Perhaps even before the Biblical writers recounted tales of shining angels, burning bushes and glowing spheres?
Strange airborne Luminosities and enigmatic Light Beings are not just the provenance of our own particular time. Even before cameras, European artists were depicting strange Orbs and spheres.

Spheres, Disks, Orbs and Luminosities are all aspects of the circular form. It is a form which has cropped up again and again in esoteric, religious and mystical traditions and experiences throughout history. Since ancient times, the circle has been a universal symbol. Without beginning or end, it often represents infinity; in Christianity it is the symbol for God and infinity and is also the form of the halo.
The Yin Yang symbol is familiar to most of us, but in Chinese it is called “the Tai Chi. “ The two semicircles of light and dark make a complete circle and perfectly symbolise the opposing yet complimentary natures of: light and dark, masculine and feminine, positive and negative. The Tai Chi has been embraced by peoples of all beliefs. In the iconography of ancient India the circular, mandala, is a common symbol. Carl Jung was fascinated by mandalas and noticed that they had a therapeutic effect on people who drew them. He came to see the mandala as symbolising transformation. The universality of the circular symbol inspired the ancients to build stone circles and perhaps it is what attracts us today to see something meaningful in Crop Circles, Orbs and Spheres. Perhaps they echo the footsteps of another, larger, Reality treading quietly alongside our own familiar world?


Since the dawn of time man has sort reasons for his existence amid the titanic forces of nature which shape the circle of his world. Humans have looked to the vastness of heaven to understand what moves events on Earth and whole civilisations have been constructed around beliefs in Celestial powers that guide the stars and the fate of men. From time immemorial there have been two histories on this world; the visible history of recorded events, moulded by religion and politics, and the invisible history of phenomena that have shaped our thoughts and beliefs by unearthly interventions in human history. At the root of all major Theistic events on Earth are the ethereal emissaries of the Celestial; Spheres, Orbs, Luminosities and shining Beings of Light! This is the context of light phenomenon such as that witnessed at Fatima, and of the sphere photographed in Basle Zoological Gardens in 1907 ( below left). If you compare that with the digital photograph we took in 2004, (below right) the same Luminosities that visited Basle are still amongst us.

During the last four years we have encountered and photographed an amazing phenomena which has both history and meaning. In our book, BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY, we offer for consideration a startling new perspective on Orbs, Luminosities, and the paranormal. To top